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Jacobus Malan

Jacobus Malan, known by his friends as ‘Jack’ is a personal performance facilitator, transformational coach and trainer. He is also actively involved in property development, construction and project management.

After completing a BSc Degree in Construction Management, when traveling and working overseas he got more deeply involved in the world of personal development, of which he always found an interest. After immersing himself, studying human behavior and applying what he was learning, he got to associate with some of the top personalities in the personal development field.

He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapist. He is also a trained facilitator of the DeMartini Method. As a speaker and trainer Jacobus has worked in countries like Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa.

Jacobus believes in the potential in all of us, that we just need to recognize it and unlock the true capacities that we all hold. His goal is to show others this in themselves in order to live the inspired lives they choose to have.





Deborah Battersby


Deborah Battersby, is the creator of the emMatrix Method, a unique approach to restructuring belief, emotion and behavior patterns so you can consistently access and express your deeper potential.

Through this pattern remapping you also release habits that no longer serve you.

She is co-founder of emMatrix, a coaching and consulting company helping its global clientele shatter preconceived limits and achieve greater success through individual and team empowerment. Trained by Tony Robbins and other leaders in the personal development field, Deborah is known for innovation and dramatic results.

Faith in boundless human potential is what drives her mission. She has a huge passion for helping children and adults see and know their value and confidently, authentically express it to the world.



Twitter: @Debbattersby



Katie Joy

Katie Joy is a globe trotter, traveling the world sprinkling her magic wherever she goes, breathing life and enthusiasm into those she meets with her enlightened perspectives, personal experiences, sense of candid humour, and educating with practical steps to create the life of your dreams. She energizes people into action with her effervescent joy. Her vivacious yet grounded presence brings forth teachings with fun, laughter, joy and new insights to see the gifts each person has in life. Her exceptional view of life, philosophy and enlightened understanding of how to create life on your own terms is transforming the lives of millions. As a researcher, writer, speaker, philosopher and retired paramedic, her studies and life experiences have made her a leading expert on how to consciously create your ideal lifestyle by design, healing, human potential and philosophy.

Katie Joy retired in 2008 at age 32. She’s been traveling the world full-time since, visiting some of the most exotic and sometimes adventurous spots in the world, and hanging out with some of the biggest movers and shakers. A self-made millionaire, twice over, Katie Joy lives the life of her dreams with those she loves. It’s a remarkable life!

Facebook: The Global Butterfly

Twitter: @MissKatieJoy

YouTube: MsKatieJoy



Kavita Channe 


Known for being ethnically ambiguous, Kavita Channe’s exotic looks come from her diverse background; a London native with ancestry from India and Greece.   Kavita traded her British accent for an American one, and, immediately after receiving her Bachelors degree from The University of Florida in broadcasting and business, Kavita was asked to be a cast member on one of the most popular FOX reality shows of all-time, “Paradise Hotel”.  Following her stint in paradise, Kavita used her journalism skills to parlay her career to the red carpet where she is most known for her candid interviews with the likes of Sofia Vergara, Paris & Nicky Hilton, LMFAO, Solange Knowles, Tila Tequila, and Lebron James, to name a few.  She then went on to be a guest correspondent for Designing Spaces & Beauty Spaces on TLC as well as a cameo in the recent controversial documentary by financial author, Michael Covel, Broke: The American Dream.

Kavita is currently a co-host and sports correspondent for the highly acclaimed Mantalk Radio as well as The Miami Heat Podcast available on Itunes.

Continuing her passion, Channe, most recently, created her own show titled 1stDown&Dirty where she produces, writes, and directs parodies surrounding sports headlines mixed with interviews from your favorite athletes. You can catch new episodes at:

An active community volunteer, Kavita Channe supports many charities and foundations, including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, where she was nominated for Woman of the Year for 2010 and raised over $12,000 for LLS in under 2 months.

Kavita enjoys keeping active by practicing Hot Vinyasa Yoga and switching it up with P90X as well as taking flying lessons and traveling extensively, but her favorite time is spent with her family and friends, though she will admit you will often find her spending a great portion of her time following sports and rooting for her favorite teams!!



Twitter: @KavitaChanne

Facebook: KavitaChanne


Naima Singletary


I root for leaders dying to come out. I root for youth searching for the courage to bring their true selves to this world. I root for women who know they have greatness to give to this globe and just need to borrow someone else’s courage to discover their own.

When I read or hear stories where people fight and win in spite of harsh odds, I cry.

When I see a girl not speaking or living her truth because of fear of what others think and say, especially those closest to her, it pisses me off.

I root for the underdog. I need girls all over the world to win, especially those born into less than favorable circumstances.

So, to change this, I video blog about courage. I speak to both small and very large groups of women about how to tap into their courage and power, and why not tapping into that courage is a matter of life or death. I host events and other opportunities to connect people who want to play a bigger game in life by becoming stronger in their courage.

I was born and raised inSan Franciscoand I’m living my truth.

Website :

Twitter:  @NaimaSingletary

Facebook: Naima Singletary


Michelle Bianco 


Michelle Bianco is a energetic New York based life coach specializing in relationships, infertility, and workplace conflict.  Michelle’s unique style incorporates both sensitivity and humor to get the most out of her clients and followers.



Twitter: @coachBianco

Facebook:  Coach Michelle Bianco


Rich Waterman


He is now an entrepreneur, international speaker and one of the UK’s leading experts on how to master your mindset.


Rich is an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. He is also a volunteer for Robbins Research International and has assisted at many live events as a Senior Leader.


In the past, Rich has specialised in phobia cures and has helped hundreds of people with their phobias with a 100% success rate. His fastest phobia cure stands at 12 minutes.


Twitter: @Richwaterman

Facebook : GetRichCoaching

YouTube: GetRichCoaching


Melissa Risdon

Host of the Raving Fan Radio (starting May 1, 2012) and author of Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Raving Fan e-book and Your Own Biggest Fan e-zine Melissa Risdon is passionate about teaching you how turn your inner critic into your raving fan so you can start living your life on your own terms.  Melissa teaches women and some very smart men how to change the way they think about themselves.

Melissa Risdon’s passion is empowering entrepreneurs to live the life they know they are meant to.  Melissa is gifted at helping people look internally in order to discovering their truth and begin transforming their relationship with their Inner Critic.

After working with Melissa, clients say they have a deeper connection with their “inner critic” and a complete understanding of why their critic exists.  They understand what purpose their Inner Critic serves and now have the skills and confidence to make quantum leaps that would have felt impossible before.  They overcome internal challenges and live life on their own terms.

Melissa Risdon spent over 17 years in Corporate America before leaving to pursue her passion, become her own boss and beginning teaching others the life skills she’s learned over the last 25 years.  Melissa is now her own biggest raving fan.  Melissa is a certified Master Neurostrategist and Master Hypnotherapist, speaker, seminar leader, intuitive healer and teacher.  Melissa is also certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, a Senior Leader with Robbins Research International and certified Deeksha blessing giver.  

To receive Your Own Biggest Fan e-zine and a free copy of Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Raving Fan e-book, subscribe today at 

Fun Facts about Melissa Risdon

• Melissa is a Master NeuroStrategist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Master Hypnotherapist

• Melissa has more than 200+ hours of leadership training with Robbins Research International (aka Tony Robbins).

• Melissa is a Worldwide Senior Leader with the Robbins Research International including spending over 5 weeks training and coaching in Fiji at the exclusive and private resort Namale.

• More then 600+ hours utilizing the methodologies, skills and strategies of Robbins Research International seminars.

• Melissa has walked on fire, eaten fire and overcome her fear of heights.

• Melissa has successfully lead a fire lane team and coached more than 100+ participants in successfully walking across the fire lane. 


• Anthony Robbins Foundation Global Youth Leadership Summit camp counselor and youth leader.

• Girls for a Change Action Team Coach

•CampOkizusummer camp counselor for siblings of families affected by childhood cancer.

• San Mateo County Suicide and Crisis Intervention Center Hot Line front line call center operator.


• Melissa did her certification dive on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

• Loves to Travel Internationally.

• Worked for over 10+ years in Corporate America, most of which was in the IT department.


Twitter: @MelissaRisdon




Cassidy Barbeau

Cassidy Barbeau is a writer and artist living out her dreams in Costa Rica with her ever supportive husband, Paul, and her two enchanting children, Paisley & Satori.  She is the author of one travel adventure book, and 3 cookbooks, including her best selling raw foods book, Pura Vida Pantry: Living Recipes for an Awakened Lifestyle.   An avid animal lover and committed vegetarian/almost vegan/high raw gal, Cassidy has been teaching cooking and food preparation classes and guiding juice cleanses and detoxes for years.

The Pura Vida Pantry is located in tropical Costa Rica in the coastal village of Herradura.
Changing lives through food and creating an awareness of the living world is the mission of Cassidy and Paul.  Juice and detox cleanses, specialty diet plans and delicious vegetarian, vegan and raw foods are available at the PVP.  Wellness retreats are their specialty, and learning to change your life and diet with a holistic approach is a main focus.


Facebook: PuraVidaPantry