Fall Down Seven Times Get Up Eight

The Chinese Proverb says “Fall Down Seven Times Get Up Eight”

There are many days when getting up that Eighth time just doesn’t seem possible, you might be tired, depressed, heartbroken, sick….   There are so many reasons to quit…. but what will quitting really get you?  Well it will get  you condolences from those around you who have quit as well.   As you know we both could go on and on about all the things not GETTING UP THE EIGTH TIME would give you and its nothing worth talking about. 

So Get up… dust yourself off and start again.  Whether its business, health, relationships you have only failed if you have stopped trying.  SO GET UP! How does it feel at the end of the day when you know you have given your all?  SO GET UP! Your persistance in itself can inspire others, if nothing else.  SO GET UP Be the best YOU today whatever that looks like ……


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